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Together with MinskNightlife you'll see the best places in Belarus and find out all the secrets of the past and present! We'll organize an interesting adventure into the inner world of the country. Forget about plain and boring excursion hours. We work here to make your free time bright, emotional and "spicy"! Our tours are the best way to get acquainted with the country – myths and legends as well as up-to-date figures and facts...

First of all we'll guide you through the most common travel destinations: Stalin's Line, Dudutki museum, Mir and Nesvizh Castles, Minsk city tour. You could also use the interpreter service to break the language barrier!



MinskNightlife cooperates with a professional team of interpreters. Our clients can be sure that any time they need an interpreter - we have people to help them. Enjoy doing your business in Minsk! We could provide interpreting on different occasions and translation of documents, letters, projects, websites. Our interpreters can meet you at the airport, assist you at business or private meeting and accompany you in your trips in Minsk and Belarus.

Our team will make your stay in Minsk both useful and pleasant. Language should never be a barrier!

Here is the list of our services:

  • We provide consecutive interpreters for business and private meetings.
  • Document translations into Russian and other languages.
  • Notarized translation of contracts and other official documents.
  • General assistance of our interpreters and guides during your stay in Minsk,Belarus.
  • City guide with theme excursions around Minsk.


Top travel destinations in Belarus:

  1. Stalin's Line
  2. Dudutki Museum
  3. Mir and Nesvizh Castels

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Minsk City Tour

Minsk city tour is a combination of walks and drives between the most significant and picturesque tourist sights of the Belorussian capital. We normally start with Minsk Old Town that features a handful of old buildings that witnessed the most turbulent events from the country's history: invasions, revolutions and fires. Standing on a terrace with a view over central Minsk you will hear about its foundation and evolution into a modern European city.

old city tour in minsk

Leaving the former Cathedral Square with its churches of the Jesuits, Bernardines and Bazilians we will head to Nezavisimosti Square (Independence Square) where you will understand why Minsk is sometimes called "the last Soviet capital". The Government House, Metro Directorate and Minsk City Council – the brilliant reminders of the country’s Soviet past share the square with the century-old Roman Catholic Church and residential buildings of the early 20th century.

independance square in minsk

red church minsk

Nezavisimosti Square gives start to the main street of Minsk - Nezavisimosti Avenue - that stretches through the most scenic half of the city and gives you an idea of the titanic efforts that were taken to rebuild Minsk after the WW-2. And after visiting the observation pad of the National Library we will have a look at the architectural future of our city near Minsk Arena, taking walks in Victory Square and Trinity Suburb with the Island of Tears on route.

victory square on nezavisimosti avenue

All along the way our English-speaking guide (and we only employ fluent English speakers) will relay the most interesting information and will ask any questions of yours without hesitation.