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Titan is an amusement center with a nightclub, bowling, billiards, karaoke, restaurant and hookah opened every day till 6 a.m. It is a middle-level venue with good dance floor, sound and light, bar, lounge area, V.I.P. zone.

The atmosphere in the club is really good but without any pretention. Nevertheless Titan is the venue where drinks and food is good, bar staff are fast and friendly. The face-control is not strict, but try to avoid sports outlook. 
Titan night club is a huge draw for young people and students that fill this club to the hilt at weekends. It is the place for lovers of any genre of music: Techno, Retro, Dance, Soul music. Every night Titan club creates the pleasant atmosphere for late night drinking and dancing. 
The main problem of the club is the location. You need to drive 15-20 min from the central area to get there.

  • Address: Dzerzhinskogo ave 104
  • Working hours: 23:00 - 06:00 (Thursday to Sunday)

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