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Republic is a comparably new night club in Minsk for alternative or underground music. Due to amazing acoustics this place is mostly popular different kind of concerts. Most popular music styles are rock, punk rock, dubstep, drum'n'bass, house, electro.

Republic club was opened on the 17th of September 2011. Since that time hundreds of concerts and parties were given there. It's a 2-storeyed building, inside the club there are two dance-floors, two bars, a big stage and a dressing room for the musicians. The interior is not very pompous or pathos, but still possesses its own charisma. The most remarkable parties of this club are Drink'n'Dance Party and a dubstep Mad Mouse Promo party. The main advantages of the club are that there is a lot of space for dancing and the acoustics is really great. Though, there are several weak points. For example, there is no special area for non-smokers and at times the place is smoked through. The security guards are not always polite, even though they do their best to keep order. The prices at the bar are reasonable, the choice is good. The choice of meals and snacks is not wide.  We also have to say, that these parties are mostly visited by young people.

There is no face control in Re:public, so, any person can come in and enjoy a party or a concert. Of course, if he is not terribly drunk. The entrance fee is about $4-5. Sometimes you can enter the club for free.

  • Address: Pritytskogo str 62
  • Working hours: Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-2.00, Friday-Sunday 12:00-6:00

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