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The Loft is a new place for the people with creative minds. This night club is especially popular with Minsk hipsters. You can visit fantastic parties each weekend there.

The concept of loft is known all over the world. Spacious, well-designed interiors, stylish light and intelligent surroundings all this unites people with good taste, charisma and creative thinking. The Loft in Minsk is a completely new place for this city. It follows the world`s standards of loft culture being free from limits and clichés. Whenever you are in the Loft it caters your needs working as a bar and a snack house in the morning, as a restaurant and a concert venue in the evening and a night club late at night (on weekends).

The Loft night club has everything: a chill-out zone, spacious dance floor, private area, good bar and an art stage. Music is the top point of the club. Once Lady Gaga sang “Find your freedom in music”, the Loft is the right place to do this: Lounge, Funk, Disco, Modern Jazz, Electronic and Club music are on the dance floor. The Loft`s bar is a source of conversation. Being tired of dancing - sit over there and enjoy the bartenders showing off their art or just a nice talk with a stranger. One more feature of the place is that there are practically no foreign tourists there.

  • Address: Brovki str 22
  • Working hours: 11:00 - 05:00 (Friday and Saturday), 11:00 - 00:00 (Sunday to Thursday)
  • Phone: +375 29 380-00-10

the loft in Minsk

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