Guru Coffee Club


One can’t survive without coffee in a modern world. A cup of invigorative espresso will help you be productive; cappuccino will be a nice dessert for dinner and coffee mulled wine will put a wonderful ending to a difficult working day.

But where in Minsk you can drink a cup of worthy coffee? All the coffee lovers will definitely appreciate Guru Coffee Club – a chain of tea and coffee shops right in the heart of Minsk. It is a special joy for customers that you can not only buy tea or coffee here but also try it straight away. So you can visit the place, drink something with delicious pastry and then decide that you want to buy a pack of this or that drink and to enjoy it back home. You are only welcome!

Guru Coffee Club can really be proud of its tea and coffee variety on the menu. You can find black, green, fruit, and herbal or baitcha tea here. For those who like something new and unusual there are some African and mixed teas. Coffee lovers will be pleasantly surprised with numerous coffee blends and non-mixed sorts of premium quality. The atmosphere and design of the place is a coffee fest itself!! All the furniture is in milk, chocolate and coffee shades. You can sit here in a cozy atmosphere, drink a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and relax. There you can even read a book which is here at your disposal. In case you are in a hurry you can order a takeaway drink.

Visit the place and there will be one more pleasant memory of Minsk for you.

  • Address: Mikhaylovsky pereulok 4
  • Phone: +375 29 1515050
  • Working hours: every day from 10:00 to 23:00
  • Address: Komsomolskaya Street 34
  • Phone: +375 29 1502255
  • Working hours: every day from 08:00 to 23:00
  • Address: Karla Marksa Street 17
  • Phone: +375 29 1515288
  • Working hours: every day from 09:00 to 23:00

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