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X.O. in Minsk is a newly opened high class casino with the main hall and 2 VIP rooms, performed in Eastern, English and Chinese style.

There are 9 gambling tables for American Roulette, world-famous Black Jack and Poker. You can play 5 Card Poker, Casino Texas Hold'em Poker and Russian Poker in the casino. X.O. offers you the largest rates and pay-outs in Minsk. All the staff speaks foreign languages, including not English only, but even Japanese. Maximum rate in Poker is not limited! Maximum pay-out in the main hall is  $100.000, in the VIP rooms is $200.000


- Show program
- Live music on weekends
- Turtle races
- European cuisine
- American Roulette
- Black Jack
- Texas Holdem Poker
- Russian Poker
- 5, 6, 7 Card Poker
- Omaha Poker
- Slot Machines
- Russian billiards

  • Address: Nezavisimosti ave 56
  • Working hours: 24/7

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