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zamokOn April, 17 shopping center Zamok started working to its full. Now it is a big entertainment complex where everyone can find something to satisfy their needs. The total area of the center is approximately 93,000 sq. km. Free parking place for more than 2000 drivers is provided.

Since it is a shopping center you are probably interested in the range of goods which can be bought here. Well, you can find there everything you need starting from foodstuffs (a big supermarket "Korona" is situated inside) and finishing with the clothes from the most popular European brands such as: Tommy Hilfiger, Marc O'Polo, Guess, United Colors of Benetton, CK jeans, Lacoste, Pierre Cardin and much more.

The hypermarket of consumer electronics can also be found here. The shopping capacity of the hypermarket amounts to 3500 sq. meters. The range of goods is stunning as well. You can find more than 10,000 different items here. Pharmacy, optical store, travel agency, flower and present shops are also situated here.

As we have already mentioned it is also a good place for entertainment; a place where you can have some fun with family or friends.

So what can we do here?

The first option is going to the cinema. The cinema here consists of three halls and holds more than 650 people. Active 3D glasses are provided. The rears here are furnished with sofas and not just ordinary cinema chairs. In the daytime, by the way, the cinema hall can be converted into a hall for business meetings, conferences and seminars. All the necessary conditions are provided for this.

The second option is visiting the skating rink which is situated just nearby. Now you can go shopping and then just have fun skating on the rink. Even in summer! Show programs with the best ice masters are planned in the future.

If you are hungry after so many various activities, you can buy something for a snack in the supermarket Korona or go and treat yourself to some proper food. Visit "Paparats Kvetka" restaurant and try some dishes of Slavonic cuisine. Moreover, a great choice of desserts, cocktails and pastries are offered here. If you are more into European cuisine go to nearby Italian pizzeria.

Wine lovers will be pleased to visit a small bar on the 4th floor where they can try wines from all over the world. So, as you can see shopping center Zamok has much to offer. Just go, explore it and enjoy yourself.

  • Address: Pobediteley Avenue 65
  • Working hours: 09:00 - 23:00

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