Visa-free regime between Belarus and Turkey!

no visa between tuckey and belarusA bilateral agreement on visa-free regime between Turkey and Belarus comes into effect since June, 1 2014. Belarus Foreign Ministry spokesman, Dmitry Mironchik, says that the agreement ratification procedures have already been finished. The details of the issue will be published on the site of Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since June, 1 Turkish citizens can stay in Belarus up to 30 days per visit and 90 days per year. In general, the visa-free agreement will influence Turkish tourists more as they had to pay for Belarusian visa from 60 to 150 EUR. Quite a significant difference. In addition to that it used to take Turkish citizens rather a long time to get a visa and rather nervous one. The whole procedure was complicated.

It evident that after the agreement more Turkish tourists would like to visit Belarus for various reasons: education, entertainment, work etc.

Turkey has always been an attractive place for Belarusian tourists as well. Although Turkish visa was needed for Belarusian citizens 20$ is not such a high prize. Moreover, the procedure of obtaining the visa was quite simple. Now everything is even simpler for Belarusian tourusts. At the moment (before the 1st of June) Belarusians still have to obtain a visa at the airport upon arrival in Turkey.

As we can see now new opportunities are opened for both countries. The cooperation between the 2 countries will be developing from this time.

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