Rock`n`Roll opening of the TNT Rock Club

tnt rock club in minskRock`n`Roll is alive. Check it in the Minsk TNT Rock Club.

Finally the long-awaited opening of TNT Rock Club in Minsk has become true. Many people say it was a success. Anyway, it is a unique event for the capital city as you won’t be able to find such a place anywhere in the country.

On July 20 long before the opening the pavement was decorated with chalk inscriptions AC/DC, Deep Purple, Nirvana and of other rock’n’roll bands. The audience comprised both rock’n’roll, hard rock and heavy metal fans, and random passers-by.

At the entrance to Minsk TNT Rock Club the guys from “Drum Ecstasy” band unleashed their performance, meanwhile a man resembling AC/DC’s lead guitarist Angus Young descended from the roof and hovered in the air with a guitar emitting smoke.

The doors opened and the people thronged into the club. The decor of the interior allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of rock’n’roll. Guitars and vinyl CDs, the floor and ceiling decorated with bands’ logos and so on. The staff of the club looks in accordance with the atmosphere—tattoos, badges—which you’ll never see in any other Minsk bar or club.

There is also a small stage where lots of live concerts are going to take place.

Here is a list of concerts scheduled for August’2012:
03/08: Pale Red and Straighroads
04/08: The Silicon and “Marilyn Monroe”
10/08: Tomato Jam and 2morrow2late
11/08: Stardust Circus and №2
17/08: Pale Red and “Marilyn Monroe”
18/08: The Silicon and 2morrow2late
24/08: Pale Red and Stardust Circus
25/08: The Silicon and “Marilyn Monroe”
31/08: №2 and 2morrow2late.

Whether you are a fan of rock’n’roll music or not, visit TNT Rock Club in Minsk and you won’t regret it. Pay attention that live concerts take place only on Fridays and Saturdays! Entrance free of charge! 
The club is located at 9 Revolutsionnaya Street, Minsk.

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