Looking for sushi in Minsk

sushi restaurants in minskSushi is a very specific dish: you either madly fall in love with it or you don’t like it. For sure we can say that no person can stay indifferent to sushi. Nowadays Japanese restaurants are not rare in Belarus and Japanese kitchen has already become an irreplaceable part in many places. It is not a secret, that sushi are considered to be comparably healthy nutritious food. Today you could find dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs in Minsk offering you to feel a little part of Japanese culture comprised in this dish, but we provide you a list of most known and reliable places.


Planeta Sushi

It's probably the most popular and the most famous place to eat sushi in Minsk. Not mentioning good service, pleasant Japanese-style design and relaxing music, we can say that the choice of sushi and their quality is not bad. Here you can eat only Japanese food, besides sushi there are some special appetizers and really Japanese deserts.



This is a restaurant which specializes in Asian food. Being originally a Chinese restaurant, it provides the visitors with Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese food. The choice of sushi there is rather wide. We have to mention though, that the choice of other Asian food is rather big too. The design catches an eye and creates an unbelievable atmosphere of the East.


Manga sushi-bar

This place is situated in the very center of the city and that is why is really popular with visitors. The menu suggests a wide choice of Japanese meals as well as sushi.  Very often Manga presents some new kinds of sushi, the best chefs are working there under the control of a real Japanese person. The only disadvantage of this place is that waiters are rather slow and sometimes it takes really long until you get what you ordered. On the background there is sometimes some music playing and sometimes a real Japanese anime is broadcasted.


Golden Coffee

This place is not considered to be a sushi-bar, but really popular for the very central location. You could find a good choice of sushi in the menu. It's the right place to visit for having sushi with a drink before the party.

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