Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk

slavianski bazaar in vitebsk 2012Started in 1992 and held annually ever since, the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” has become a significant cultural event that attracts the attention of many popular singers and performers, actors, filmmakers, artists around the world. Vitebsk Festival includes a wide range of bright holidays and events where you will get into the carnival extravaganza and contest excitement, feel the purity and sincerity of children’s creative work, enjoy classical music and ballet, plunge into the world of theatre and cinema, and relish the calm atmosphere of museums and exhibition halls.

Thanks to the festival, Belarus has had a chance to see many foreign singers, performers, composers and bands. The town of Vitebsk has become the meeting place for world famous performers and artists.

The program of the Festival highlights such events as Young Singers’ International Song Contest; Children’s International Music Festival; the Program with Feature Films Presentation; “Theatre meetings” Program; International Holiday of Pottery and Blacksmith’s Arts; Festival Exhibitions; International Youth Forum; the Holiday of the Town of Vitebsk; Fairs of Folk Handicraft and Trade “Town of Masters”; Day of Belorussian culture; Day of Russian culture; Day of Ukrainian culture; Day of Union State.

The main venue of the festival, the Amphitheatre, was constructed especially for such occasion in 1988, and seats about five thousand spectators.

So if you decide to travel to Vitebsk for sure you won`t be disappointed... During the festival the whole city lives in the rhythm of infinite fun and good mood. Vitebsk blooms and gives its guest the most interesting and unforgettable moments.


What to do in Vitebsk during the festival:

  • Visit any concert at the Amphitheatre ant enjoy its architecture, light, sound and of course performance.
  • Go to the "City of Craftsmen" and see the beauty of handwork. Perhaps you will buy some souvenir over there.
  • Try Belorussian cuisine: borsch, draniki with machanka, mix soup or solyanka, stewed potatoes with meat or fungi.
  • Try traditional Belorussian beverage: kvas
  • Have city-tour with someone who will tell you the most spicy stories and show the most catching places.
  • Have fun! ;)


The place: Vitebsk (3 hours by car from Minsk)
The time: July 12-18, 2012

amphitheatre in vitebsk

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