The legendary Scorpions are in Minsk!

scorpions in minsk arenaThere is no need to mention how great and outstanding this group is. Their music has captured the hearts of millions of people throughout the world. Few generations were brought up together with “the wind of change”.

Unfortunately, now Scorpions are on their last tour. By now they have visited 5 continents. In Germany there was opened a museum to honour the creative history of Scorpions, in Spain there is a street with the name of the group. On the last farewell concerts there are no free seats, everyone is using their chance to enjoy the masterpieces of their favourite band for the last time.

Pleasing the countless requests of the fans in Belarus Scorpions included Minsk into the list of their concerts. On the 21 of October, at Minsk Arena the admirers of the creative work of the group will have the opportunity to witness the performance of Scorpions for the last time.

The members of the group claim that the farewell show will be really spectacular and will not repeat the previous concerts. So, be in a hurry, maybe you will still manage to get the ticket to the concert and will witness the group shouting “Rock your life” to Minsk for the last time!

  • Place: Minsk Arena
  • Time: October 21, 2012 - 19:00
  • Ticket prices: $40-100

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