Popular drinks and cocktails n Minsk

popular drinks in minskOf course, every bar or club has its own top of popular drinks. It always depends on the category of a venue – it can’t be surprising that in a student bar beer is more popular than cognac or cocktails, and on the contrary, beer hardly can be seen in a fashion club where the accent is made on expensive and prestigious drinks.




But nevertheless bartenders in Minsk venues could make such a top of most popular cocktails:

  1. Long island (vodka\jin\tequila\rom\coke)
  2. Sex on the beach (vodka\peach liquor\orange juice\grenadine)
  3. Cuba Libre (white rum\cola\lime)
  4. B-52 (coffee liquor\Baileys\Cointreau)
  5. Pinna Colada (rum\cream of coconut\pineapple juice)
  6. White Russian (vodka\coffee liqueur\light cream)
Of course people in Minsk like shots and strong cocktails like rum + coke, whiskey + coke, whiskey + juice, vodka + juice, an energetic + vodka very much. Especially when they drink just to get drunk :)
During some holidays or seasons tastes of Minsk clubbers or just venues visitors may vary – for example in winter surely mulled wine is in a great demand, while during New Year holidays or 8th of March guests prefer to drink champagne. In some bars or restaurants bartenders prepare for such events a special bar menu. Belarusians also like tequila; it’s such an interesting kind of alcohol that after some shots brings euphoria. Some months ago there was a competition in Minsk for the best signature cocktail.

A lot of interesting and unusual drinks were made but the one who won had been made of rum, pumpkin and lime juice, black ash, spruce, honey and orange zest. The jury declared this cocktail was the most tasty and easy to prepare. All in all the culture of drinking has appeared in Belarus not long ago so it’s still developing. Also it’s necessary to consider the fact that not much people there can afford themselves drink expensive alcohol because of the poor financial situation in the country.

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