Photo "drying" on Karla Marksa street

The idea of photo "drying" is that people, no matter how professional they are in photography, bring their photos of whatever possible and, using clothes-pegs, hang them on the rope - thereby DRYING the photos. On the 9th of September anyone could witness the third photo "drying" on Karla Marksa street. The first "drying" procedure in Minsk took place on the 16th of June 2012 with the help and support of the Museum of History in Minsk. The event had become so incredibly popular that the organizers had to arrange the "drying" for the 3d time.

This event is a great opportunity to show talents for both professional photographers and for amateurs. For the ordinary people it is also a nice chance to see the city's photo-life. There is a small rule on the event: you can take away the hanging photos that you liked with you, but only if you hang your own photo instead. On the photo that you hang you can write your notes or a little history of the photo, or just anything nice to the future owners of it. The event is always a great fun and attracts more and more people each and every time. The area for photo "drying" has greatly increased since the event was held for the first time. Now photo "drying" has become one of the most interesting events that Karla Marksa street can offer you to visit.

photo drying contest in minsk

photo show on karla marksa street