Feel the atmosphere of Oktoberfest in Minsk!

october beer fest in minskThis year from the 22nd of September till the 7th of October a world-known Oktoberfest is held in Munich. This is the most visited festival in Germany, which lasts 16 days and is famous for the enormous amount of beer consumed during it. That is why sometimes Oktoberfest is called the beer-fest. Those people who are in Minsk these days still have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of Munich. A real “beer marathon” was announced at a number of bars in our city.

The bar Gvozd suggests you to be the part of their little Oktoberfest. They claim to make beer called Paulaner Oktoberfest (46 000 BY Ruble or $5) and suggest a special menu of delicious meals going with beer at rather reasonable prices (200 000 By Rubles = $25). The best offer is the desert called "beeramisu" (a beerlike variant of famous tiramisu), which also goes with the beer.

Rakovsi brovar restaurant (Vitebskaya street 10)  promises not only to provide visitors with the best beer, but also to get them acquainted with German kitchen. Such venues as Arka pub (Kolasa street 38) and Life Pub (Komsomolskaya street 34) will also please the visitors with the perfect beer and special snacks.

Because of all these special offers the places mentioned above have become very popular these days. So, if you are eager to take part in Belorussian Oktoberfest at these bars or pubs, you’d better book the tables in advance.

Enjoy your time and feel the atmosphere of Munich in Minsk!

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