Nezavisimosti Square sights in Minsk

nezavisimosti sqIt is impossible not to walk along Nezavisimosti (Independence) Square while staying in Minsk. It is, in fact, the biggest square in Belarus. It is even bigger than Red square in Moscow or some other major Europe squares. But Nezavisimosti square is famous not only for its’ size but also for the beauty. There are a lot of flowers and trees at the square, mingled with nice benches, amazing small memorials and sculptures. That’s why it is a popular place for rest with the citizens.

Moreover, a lot of important sights are situated here: the Government house, Red Roman-Catholic church (The church of Saints Simon and Helena) – the most famous catholic church in Minsk; Belarusian State University, Belarusian State Pedagogical University, General Post Office etc.

There are also a lot of entertainment establishments here: restaurants, cafes, shops and famous underground shopping center “Stolitsa”.

The building of the square was started in 1930s and it was projected as the main capital square. That’s why it was named after V. I. Lenin, so it used to bear his name. In 1991 the square was renamed into Nezavisimosti square. But the metro station which leads to Nezavisimosti square is still named Lenin’s square. So if you want to enjoy a walk along this square hop off on Lenin’s square station and go ahead.

red chirch on nezavisimosti square in minsk

nezavisimosti - former lenina square

nezavisimosti square univercity

nezavisimosti square minsk

nezavisimosti minsk

nezavisimosti square

nezavisimosti square stolitsa shopping mall


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