Which New Year party was the best?

new yearAs you know there was a wide choice of parties to visit in Minsk on the New Year's Eve. Almost every club and bar presented special program and performance. Since it's hard for one person to visit all the venues in one night we decided to take a small tour around the best parties on the 31st of December 2013. Now you could dive into the New Year's atmosphere one more time and choose the best party in Minsk!



Madison Royal Club

new year 2014 in madison club

new year photo minsk madison

sexy new year minsk

new year photo minsk

new year horse minsk



Blackhall Bar

blackhall bar new year 2014

new year 2014 at blackhall

blachhall bar misnk

blackhall new year

blackhall new year party 2014

blackhall bar new year

blackhall horse

blackhall new year

blackhall bar



Coyote Bar

coyote bar new year 2014

coyote bar new year

coyote bar new year cake

coyote bar new year photo

coyote bar new year horse

coyote bar



Dozari club

new year in dozari

dozari new year party

dozary new year 2014

new year party in dozari club

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