Try over 100 beer brands in a new pub "Gambrinus"

try over 100 beer brands in gambrinus pub in minskBeer is the third-most popular beverage in the world after water and tea. This fact obligates every city to have at least one excellent beer venue.  We are happy to announce that on December 15,2012 all the fine judges of beer could enjoy their favorite beverage in a newly opened Minsk pub "Gambrinus".

The bar got its name after the legendary King Gambrinus, who is considered to be the inventor of brewing.  In the pub you could always enjoy fresh and quality beer, have a good night out with friend, could relax and have fun, taste delicious Irish, Czech, Belgian and Belarusian cuisine.

In a newly opened Minsk pub you could try 12-draft beer taps from Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Russia and Belarus as well as enjoy more than 100 bottled beer taps from all over the world. Gambrius pub has 4 rooms: Czech, British, Belgian and a Carlsberg Room. British pub-zone is saturated with fun and hilarity. "CzeskaPiwnica" room is full of history and traditions of brewery.  Belgian room - "BelgeBierBrasserie"- offers you to try the best beer from the country where more than 600 beer taps were created. And in the Carlsberg Room you will see the best collection of vintage pictures from the Carlsberg beer collection.

Have an awesome time in Gambrinus, guys! See you there (Svobody str 2)

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