A pill from insomnia...

new bar in minsk insomniaVery soon the number of places working at night in Minsk will be fulfilled by the new bar Insomnia. Situated in the very center of the city, this place will definitely attract a lot of people. On the 1st of November there will be the official opening of the new bar. The owners claim that they took all the best things from bars in Minsk and compiled them into their idea of "Insomnia". Such name of the place was chosen because the bar works almost 24 hours a day.

The design of the place is very cozy and stylish. There are three main zones in the bar: the sleepy zone with red sofas, the bar zone and the third zone, the design of which will reflect the idea of being somewhere between dreams and reality like in “Alice in wonderland”. The choice of meals will not be very wide, though pretty variable. There will be French meals, Italian meals, British meals and, of course, national Belarusian meals. The average price for the main course will vary from $6 to $35. The maximum cost of spirits will be $10.

The place will be opened whole night with the short break between 5am and 8(10)am in the morning.


new 24 hour bar in minsk

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