Must see places in Minsk and Belarus

dudutki museum chirchWelcome to Belarus, a country of hospitable people, amazing nature, unique architecture and delicious cuisine. Many foreigners while traveling here on business or for fun know nothing about the country. They spend all the time in one city thereby missing the most “yummy” and breathtaking things Belarus can offer. Rent a car, pack the luggage and go to discover your own Belarus with warmly welcoming cities, old castles, wild nature and beautiful national parks. Wondering what to see and do here? Be ready to remember the list of must see objects.

Fancy being in Minsk for several days. You`ve already seen the main tourist attractions in the city, experienced its nightlife and day buzz, met new people...but what`s next? Don`t be "sleepy" - start your own adventure. Belarus has very good roads that`s why travelling here by car is a pleasure, take a digital camera with you and enjoy new emotions.



stalin`s line near minsk stalin`s line performance
stalin`s line complex in belarus stalin line tank
stalin line obstacle zone belarus stalin line plane

We recommend you to begin with the Stalin`s Line - a historical and cultural complex, where you can see bunkers, trenches,  tank traps, "Partisan village" and four separate areas with weapons and military equipment of the World War II. "Stalin`s Line is a unique museum because here you can touch everything with your own hands, go inside the bunkers, shoot with the guns, feel yourself as a participant  of the war.



dudutki museum near minsk
dudutki museum in belarus dudutki museum chirch
dudtki museum sauna minsk dudutki museum

Dudutki museum is an excellent place to know true Belarusian culture and traditions. Here you will see handicraft workshops (smithy, pottery, bakery, dairy, brovar (distillery), retro cars), a zoo with ostriches, deer, wild boars, peacocks; here you may have tasty dinner and try traditional Belarusian dishes, take a steam bath or stay for some time in the hotel.



excursion to mir castle mir castle in belarus
belarus castles nesvizh city in belarus

Long ago Nesvizh was the most prosperous cities. During that times it was called the northern Paris. And all because the city was the residence of the Radzivil family. Radzivil Palace in Nesvizh is one of the most mysterious places in Belarus. It is believed that a ghost lives in the castle. A ghost is the spirit of Barbara Radzivil, the wife of Polish King Sigismund.
Mir Castle is the most famous  tourist attraction in Belarus. Get at least a sheep's head, imbedded into one of the walls of the castle. People say, if to get it out the castle will immediately  turn into a pile of stones. According to some legends, a few centuries ago the tunnel was dug underneath the castle, where the former owners had hidden  treasure.

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