Meeting new people in the club

how to approach girls in minsk clubs

A lot of young people got used to relax at a nightclub – music, shadows, alcohol and beautiful moving bodies all around create an excellent atmosphere. At Friday and Saturday nights all clubs are usually overcrowded.

Partying at a nightclub means not only drinking and dancing, but also socializing with people, making acquaintances with the opposite sex. For those young people who are looking for a dating, disco is a pretty common place. But going on a nighttime adventure, giving smiles and glances, one must identify its final goal.  It’s widely known that club parties are not the places where people are searching for love of their whole life and trying to organize their family life. On the contrary – free love is possible sometimes. Men and women meet, drink and dance, enjoy spending time. Nowadays it’s a very popular scheme of relationship.

But arranging such an entertainment it’s not that easy for a great part of people, especially for foreigners. At once appears a number of problems that locals don’t have, such as language barrier, differences in mentalities and cultures, girls’ fear of foreigners and so on. To overcome them it’s necessary first of all to be confident and friendly, smile a lot and relax! Think only about the upcoming cool night and your good mood will remove the tension.

Many people in Minsk nightclubs are not against of getting acquainted with a foreigner. But at the same time they understand that it can be dangerous so it’s of the first importance for a guest from another country to behave in a modest way to inspire confidence:

  1. Do not become importunate. Do not chase after someone who does not want your company.
  2. Don’t advertise your finances. First of all you are a person, not a wallet
  3. Do not invite to your country or arrange some long term plans 5 min after you met someone
  4. Do not frankly show your sexual desire – it scares.

You have to show your best features and a girl will understand that it’s safe next to you. Remember that being a foreigner is a great advantage and is always intriguing. Show that you’re reliable and nice!

Nightclub is not the better place to talk much because of the loud music so there's no need to worry much about difficulties of communication in English. Plus most young people in Minsk speak English at least at a basic level so a girl surely would understand popular phrases and words – just start speaking. Different culture and humor, of course, at first can cause some problems but in the process of communication they will disappear.

Having a night at one of Minsk clubs is an exciting experience, so do not hesitate – take on your better clothes, bring good mood and forget the problems, just have a great time and meet new people!

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