Luxury cars' prices in Belarus

luxury car prices in belarusMinsk is a dynamically developing city, year after year there appears more and more luxury vehicles that are better performed, equipped with higher quality, more precisely constructed, technologically innovative. Such cars always have features for conveyance an image, brand, status or prestige. Of course, luxury is a relative term, because what is luxury for one may be premium for another.
Cars, catching eyes of passers-by, make the same effect in other cities in the world. In Minsk they usually occur in one copy so a lot of gapers gather to take a look on such expensive and superb vehicles. Among them is Bentley Mulsanne, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, which prices range between $300.000-500.000.


More often on the streets can be noticed luxury vehicles for $60.000-150.000. One of the most popular models in this price range is BMW X6 – a mid-size luxury crossover. Depending on the year of production it costs $60.000-120.000 (2009-2012).

BMW X6 xDrive35i 2011 $99.000

bmw x6 xdrive35 in minsk

bmw x6 in minsk

bmw x6 interior


BMW X6 M Base 2010 $95.000

bmw x6 m base in minsk

bmw x6 M sprot base belarus

bmw x6

Mercedes S-Class W221 is the successor of Mercedes-Benz W220, but its exterior styling is different to the W220, but is similar to Maybach. This model costs between $70.000-150.000 (2008-2011).

Mercedes-Benz S-Class S63 AMG 2010 $142.000

mercedes s63 amg in minsk

mercedes benz s-class s63

mercedes s-class in minsk


Mercedes-Benz S-Class S63 AMG 2010 $144.000

mercedes benz s63 white for sale in belarus

s63 amg in minsk

mercedes s63 amg interior

Mercedes-Benz ML and GL-Class is a frequent guest in Minsk too, with average price $80.000-150.000. It is full-size luxury crossover produced by the German carmaker Mercedes-Benz since 2006.

Mercedes ML W164 AMG 2012 $170.000

mercedes ml w164 in minsk

mercedes benz ML 2012 in minsk

mercedes ml interior

A German holding company Porsche in Minsk is mostly presented by Panamera – four door saloon ($100.000-250.000) and Cayenne – five seat mid-size luxury crossover ($70.000-170.000).

Porsche Panamera 4S 2011 $139.000

porsche panamera 4s for sale in minsk

panamera 4s in minsk

panamera 4s interior


Porsche Panamera Turbo 2010 $143.000

porsche panamera turbo for sale in minsk

panamera turbo in minsk

panamera turbo interior


Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid gray $116.000

porsche cayene hybrid in minsk

porsche cayene hybrid for sale


Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2011 $144.000

porsche cayene in minsk

porsche cayene turbo in minsk

porsche cayene price in minsk

There’re a lot of expensive cars in Minsk, causing envy in passersby’s eyes, suggesting that people in Belarus have enough money to show their status and, what is more important ,use comfortable cars of great quality.


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