Live music bars in Minsk

live music bars in minskThe history of live rock music in the bars goes to 1970th. The most popular music styles were rock’n’roll, country rock and blues. Though over 40 years passed live music in the bars and pubs is still popular all over the world. Today we decided to check if there is any decent live music bar in Minsk to visit.




Gosti Bar

gosti pub interior

Every evening you could listen to rock covers on Russian and European POP songs. Music is loud, so it’s perfect for dancing but not for talking. Keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to get a table on the weekend unless you book in advance.




TNT Rock Club

tnt rock club minskEvery Friday and Saturday you could visit live music concerts. Major music styles are rock’n’roll, rock, blues, jazz.  Sometimes you could visit a concert during the week as well. You should reserve in advance if you want to get a table on the weekend. The entry fee on the weekend is around 5-7 usd



Doodah King Bar

doodah king pubIt’s a small bar with live rock, blues, jazz and reggae concerts almost every evening after 9-10 pm. It’s keeping busy all night on the weekends by the way!




Coyote Bar

coyote bar in minskCoyote Bar provides the concerts for any tastes. You could listen to live rock concert or live DJ set. Every Sunday night there is a retro party. Though the place is not located in center it’s quite easy to find not far from the famous National Library!


0,5 U Ratushi

u ratushi minsk restaurantHere you would hear a mix of old famous rock hits. The dance floor is not big, but there is always someone dancing. Live music band is playing almost each day but only after 9pm.




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