7 tips to avoid the hangover

how to avoid the hangoverEvidently almost every person at least once in a lifetime had a hangover. As a rule, alcohol is an integral part of any celebration but it should not spoil your party. There are some simple tips that will help you to drink alcohol and to feel fresh and active the next morning.




So, you should always remember:

  1. Never mix your alcoholic drinks! If you started drinking wine-continue to use it during the whole evening. If you decided to drink, for example, vodka-do not lower degree in any case.
  2. Secondly, if you decided to drink-forget about diets: empty stomach perceives alcohol extremely joylessly. You will get intoxicated, will feel heartburn and your condition in the morning will be far from ideal. Moreover, if you drink heavily, eat more fat food.
  3. Some people drink a cup of strong bitter coffee after a party, but scientists found out that coffee does not sober. Better drink a cup of strong hot tea after a holiday. It will help your body to cope with alcoholic intoxication more efficiently.
  4. Drink as much still water as you can. It will fill the shortage of liquid in your body.
  5. Avoid carbonated drinks, because carbon dioxide accelerates the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.
  6. Begin your morning with a cup of tomato or orange juice or a cup of green tea. It will perfectly clean your body.
  7. Get alcohol of high quality. Whenever you order something on the bar make sure that you get the same drink you ordered. Bartenders may sell you cheap whiskey for the price of Blue Label if you’re drunk.


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