Hookah bars in Minsk

hookahThe first hookah (water pipe, shisha, nargile, hubble-bubble) appeared in India in the primitive form of a coconut shell at least 500 years ago and soon spread to West to Egypt, Iran, Turkey. There it could gain mass popularity and by now in these countries there're best by quality hookahs in the world.

Today hookahs can be found in homes or restaurants all around the world. Smoking shisha has got not only pleasant scent and calming effect, but also is fun for non-smokers as the tobacco isn’t addictive. But nevertheless hookah is harmful for health as well as cigarettes. Hookah smokers prefer it for fun it brings: they like to spend time chilling in a lounge with friends, talking, drinking something non-alcoholic like tea and smoking some tasty fruit tobacco.

In Minsk there’re several venues offering its guests to smoke hookahs. Usually these bars have an appropriate East atmosphere inside that inevitably attracts visitors.


Kalyannaya №1

Price: $15 - 25.
Address:  Karla Marksa str 33
Sunday - Thursday from 12:00 till 02:00
Friday - Saturday from 12:00 till 04:00

hookah bar minsk kalyannaya 1

kalyannaya №1 hookah



Price: from 10$.
Address: Storozhevskaya str 7
Open: from 10:00 till 5:00

hookah in minsk


Mojito Bar

hookah bars in minsk

hookah in mojito bar minsk

hookah bars in minsk mojito

Bar 13

hookah in minsk bar 13

Blackhall Bar

Price: 65 USD

hookah bar minsk

smoking hookah in minsk price



Price: from 15$.
Address:Gikalo str. 7
Open: from 12:00 till 23:00


Chill out cafe

Smoking hookahs is available after 18:00.
Price:  from 10$
Address: Svobody sq. 4
Sunday - Thursday from 11:00 till 00:00
Friday - Saturday from 11:00 till 4:00



Price: $15 – $20.
Address:Komsomol’skaya str. 7
Open: from 12:00 till 6:00

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