Ice Hockey World Championship Summary

hockey 2014This Sunday saw the closing of Ice Hockey World Championship which started in April, 25. The results of the Championship are quite impressive not only for our Belarusian team but also for the country in general which has now become more prominent on the world’s sports stage. Russian national hockey team won the Championship. They beat Finland with the score 5:2, Sweden took the third place winning the Czech Republic (3:0). Belarusian team was the 7th, showing  a stunning game with Sweden. It is also worth saying that all the teams showed a beautiful game full of zeal and passion which couldn’t but intrigue devoted fans and sport lovers.

During the Championship more than 30,000 tourists visited Belarus, that is not taking into consideration Russian and Kazakh visitors who didn’t have to go through the customs control. So at least one record has already been established: Ice Hockey World Championship which took place in Belarus gathered the largest audience in history. We can be proud of this.

It was a period rich in emotions, full of festive events and celebrations. The city abounded in different kinds of entertainment. Just imagine: during this 12-day period more than 20 tons of meat were eaten and 300,000 liters of beer were drunk.

More than 210,000 people took part in the last day events which marked the end of the Championship although many would wish it never finished. The celebrations were held all over the city, the hospitality areas were especially crowded. There everyone could enjoy various concerts and performances. Laser show made the atmosphere of the day.

Ice Hockey World Championship in Belarus is an event never to be forgotten!

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