Happy Halloween 2013!

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Halloween – All Hallows Evening – is traditionally celebrated on the night of October 31.  Its history begins in Celtic culture, when ancient Gaels believed that on this night boundaries between the world of the dead and the living disappear and the diseased could come back to life and spread havoc.

Scottish and Irish immigrants carried the tradition to North America in the 19th century; other English speaking countries also embraced the holiday. In the end of 20th century due to increased American influence celebration of Halloween occurred in many other countries including Belarus.

In Minsk celebration of Halloween usually include costume parties which can be held both at homes or night clubs. Those people who are especially resistant to bad weather prefer to wander around the city center in a terrifying appearance and traditionally decorated pumpkins.

Minsk night clubs choose different days to celebrate Halloween. So look carefully when there’s going to be a party: on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. And keep in mind that security of some venues won’t let you in without costumes. Clubs try to recreate the atmosphere of the true gloomy ball, which brings together the finest "monsters, witches and vampires." Venues prepare special thematic performances and installations, mysterious dark space, powerful light and sound.

This year is not an exception, so be ready to transform into a ghost, zombie or Freddie Krueger! Clubs like Dozari, Madison, Next, Auroom, Overtime, Africa, Blackhall Bar have already prepared the parties for its guests. Closer to the date of the event the list will be updated with other venues.

By the way: If you don’t have a costume or stuff to create it by your own hands, there are many costume rental services in Minsk to suit all tastes! So don’t be a bore – dress up a horrendous outfit and join a demonic party in one of Minsk night clubs!

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