Why casinos and gambling are so popular in Minsk?

casino and gambling in minskIf you look at the list of casino in Minsk you’ll be amazed. There are over 30 different casinos and a great number of bookmaker’s offices. One may wonder why Belarusians have such a great desire for gambling. The answer is simple. Belarus is one of the few countries in the region where gambling is legal. For that reason a big number of casinos were opened to attract people from other countries.

Gambling experience in Belarus shows that there are many visitors from Russia, Middle East, Europe and even American countries. It takes only 1 hour by plane to arrive from Moscow with no visa needed for Russian citizens. There are direct flights between Belarus and Turkey and visa-free regime too.

In order to attract more foreign visitors most of the casinos offer special junket tours. In that case when gambler spends some money on chips (for ex 10.000 USD) he gets free accommodation, transportation and entertainment program. Gambling tours are provided by the best Minsk casinos where visitors get special treatment and conditions. If you want to learn more and choose your own junket tour and casino, feel free to contact us.

Minsk is still a paradise for gambling. You may often see a car or a great amount of money as the main prize, so good luck with your bets!

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