Face control and dress code in Minsk

face control in minsk clubsFace control and dress code is practiced at the doors of many popular Minsk nightclubs and some bars as well. Potential visitors are judged by their attractiveness, as well as what they are wearing. Essentially, it means that if security guards do not like the way you look, they won’t let you in. Sometimes foreign visitors also face with the same problem, mostly because of the lack of information and culture differences.

So if one intends to spend a great time at a nightclub in Belarusian capital, there’re general rules that are better to know.

You will not get in if:

  1. You’re drunk or aggressive
  2. You look untidy or have some sportswear
  3. Your look does not correspond to the party format
  4. You’re under 18-21 y.o.
  5. You or your friends have negative history in the club
  6. Keep in mind that the club could be overcrowded or closed for a private party.


There are about twenty popular nightclubs in Minsk. The strictest face control in Minsk is at so-called “high class” venues. The more luxurious place is the stricter are dress code and face control. For example if you intend to visit Madison, Dozari or Next club, be sure you look suitable. Security guards advice girls to look sexy, men – tidy. These are places where beautiful and rich people rest and it can be hard for an average person to pass face control.

Of course there’re places where the face control and dress code is not so strict. Fewer problems with entrance are in Africa, Overtime, Moulin Rouge, Titan, NLO, Jack club and The Loft. It doesn’t mean that parties there are worse, but security guards are more loyal. But of course one can face with rejection in entrance even there due to guard’s preferences. But there’s no need to worry – for example if you can’t drop in Madison, try Africa – they’re situated very close to each other. Instead Overtime – Moulen rouge or Jack club.

If you want to be sure in advance that you will enter the club without any problem, just go to West World club or Max show :) Their doors are opened for almost everyone.

Thought Minsk is not the most popular tourist destination there’re many possibilities to have a good time here, as the city offers excellent venues for an exciting night!

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