DJ Kazimir Russian Daddy - 66 yo star!

dj kazimirFew people in Minsk don’t know charismatic old man walking around the old city. 66-years old Kazimir surprises and rejoices passers-by with his extraordinary outfits and exclusive canes, likes to be photographed with gawkers. Charisma is a distinguishing feature of the future European club scene artist. He constantly speaks extempore verses. Seven months ago, this legendary man discovered a new role for himself - grandfather Kazimir became a fashionable DJ! He updated his image with glasses, cap, leather jacket and exclusive black boots with studs. As a Dj, Kazimir tries to be aware of all trends in club music; his 8 grandchildren help him with it.

The producer of the project KAZIMIR RUSSIAN DADDY has been preparing it for four years looking for a charismatic old man all over the former Soviet Union. Seven months ago the producer met Kazimir in one of Minsk hookahs and since that day everything started to happen.

DJ Kazimir Russian Daddy hasn’t come out in the big world, but the first track is already available in 12 of the largest music stores in the world, including iTunes, Amazon and Juno Download. By the way the first single ‘Just wanna be’ can be found even in Shazam. In the near future their plans include creating a song with the famous Russian pop singer where grandfather Kazimir will be not only a DJ, but also a singer.

Old man is really happy with this new twist of fate – it brings him back to young years when he used to be a director in local palaces of culture organizing concerts and discos for people pleasure. Also he was an artist, photographer, carver, and projectionist. Movement is his credo. Last years all his activities have stopped so it was a real luck for him to meet IlyaSuhomlin – producer of the project.

Good luck you, optimistic and charismatic granddaddy!

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