Daily rental apartment business in Minsk is in danger

daily rental apartment ban in minskMany tourists are taking the advantage of renting an apartment while traveling to Belarus. It's still cheaper than hotel accommodation and gives you a bit more freedom and privacy. Nowadays this is highly developed business and offers a great variety of options from budget to luxury.

The issue of short-term rental apartment business was discussed at Minsk State Executive Committee meeting. The main theme was to ban short term apartment rental service. The news about this has stirred the public. Tourists, part-time students and businessmen are worried whether they will have to stay up in hotels which can be more expensive. The owners of such apartments are concerned as well because no one wants to lose their business. By the way, there are 700 individual entrepreneurs and private companies dealing with daily apartments who are registered with city tax authorities.

Officials have already discussed this issue. As it was said in the press-office the final decision hadn’t been made. Two points were highlighted: 1) the violation of the tax legislation for daily rent of apartments, 2) the lack of competition between hotel business and short-term rental housing.

The possible ban on daily rent of apartments has caused a wave of discontent among businessmen.  They strongly disagree with some officials’ arguments (the business is out-of-date, the noise that the residents make disturb the neighbors etc.). Many entrepreneurs were building up their business for years and they don’t want to lose it. In order to protect their right they are going to join special association. Now when the final decision hasn’t been made yet, entrepreneurs hope there won’t be a ban on their business.

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