Amazing blue lakes in Belarus

blue lakesThere is no Belarusian who has never heard anything about Volkovysk chalkpits or Belarusian Maldives as they are called by people. The beauty of the place is stunning: blue-turquoise water which goes nicely with white chalk shores, pieces of stones and silicon which look like meteorites and all this is framed by the forests nearby. You should really go there and see it with your own eyes. The chalkpits are situated not far from Volkovysk, the distance from Minsk is around 270 km.

One may wonder how these chalkpits appeared. The great Belarusian miracle didn’t appear by itself, they are here because of the mining and manufacturing enterprise “Krasnoselsk building materials” which work with chalk deposits as well. This enterprise produces cement, lime and various mixes for building. The plant is still in operation and it is quite a profitable business.

You also need to know that there is no specially equipped beaches and the banks are too steep, moreover there is no developed infrastructure here – all the beaches are wild ones. The pits are more than 10 meters deep that’s why you should be very careful. One of the plant’s cranes has also drowned here and it can be seen on the bottom in good weather. This only proves the depth of the chalkpits. Mind please, that the official holiday and swimming here are prohibited because of the potential danger of chalk banks falling. These are not real banks but rather very steep cliffs which are really very difficult to climb.

But truly speaking that doesn’t stop hundreds of people who want to see Belarusian Maldives with their own eyes!

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