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apartments  for sale in minsk

Minsk is a fast growing city with high level of security, rich history and cultural traditions, interesting architecture and diverse entertainment options. And it is not a surprise that for the last few years more and more foreigners have decided to invest money here and purchase property in Minsk.

After spending some time renting a flat and seeing Minsk live from within you have determined to buy apartment in Minsk. Our congratulations. Here are some points you need to check before buying property in Belarus just to stay away from unpleasant surprises and invest watchfully in your future.

First of all, decide on the location. Where do you want to live: in the city center, close to it or in a so-called bedroom community? Check whether your Minsk apartment is close to the facilities you need, such as food stores, shops, public transport, sport centers and so on… Keep in mind that central apartments have all imaginary conveniences, but their day and night buzz can become a problem, for example, for a normal sleep. Ask yourself: will the noise affect your lifestyle?

Then, think about the price. Before you buy property in Minsk, research the market to be absolutely certain you will get value for money. The price for the flat will depend on its size, the year of construction and the district. Check also how much will the maintenance charge per month be. The third position is the apartment itself. Make a list of important questions to check all the items you are interested in:

  1. How old is the building? Are there elements you will have to repair or replace? Does the building have noise insulation? Be careful with old buildings, sometimes it takes a lot time to renew electric wiring and bathroom equipment.
  2. Is your flat closed by other buildings? Does it have the right side for the sun? Does it have a balcony? Remember that the view from the window is really important.
  3. What is the situation with parking? Do not choose the apartments next to office buildings: the parking will be available only in the evening; during the daytime it will be full-packed and extremely noisy.
  4. What is the level of security in the neighborhood? Who lives next-door? Ask your real estate agent to give you checked information.

Visit the apartment several times in the daytime and in the evening to make sure that everything is ok with the traffic, parking and neighbors. Think twice before you decide to buy your Minsk flat, consult a professional or a reliable estate agent, research the market, check at least 10 apartments to be absolutely certain what you need. Good luck!

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Houses for sale in Minsk

houses for sale in minsk

We prepared the most important information about buying house in Minsk. This will help you to rate some 'must haves' in your house-purchase list. But before hunting for a house, consider whether your lifestyle and finances are ready for great changes.

Budget. Think about the price you are ready to spend on the house in Minsk. Decide what kind of house is more preferable and affordable for you: a full-packed and ready to live or a shell house? Bear in mind that you can get a discount if you pay the full price at once.

Location. Search for the areas you are most interested in living in. Remember there are no cottages for sale in the center of Minsk; the nearest ones are within 10 minutes by car without traffic jams. And vice versa, narrow down all the areas you don't want to live in. Keep in mind you can make changes to your house, but definitely not to the neighborhood. Make the list of important questions:

  1. Is the area prospective?
  2. What is the level of security there?
  3. How easy and fast is it to reach the city center?
  4. Who lives in the neighborhood?

On the rout to the house watch the surroundings. See whether there are shops, a sport center, a petrol station or a drug store nearby.

The property. When you find the Minsk house you like, learn as much as possible about it. Check the general condition of the house and the state of repair:

  1. Is the central heating system working? Is it gas or electric heating? How old is it?
  2. What is the situation with the water supply system?
  3. What kind of sewerage system is there in the house: central or private?

It is better to make two visits: in the daytime and at night. You may find some things that are visible only in the morning or in the evening.
If the price is reasonable, the location is convenient and the house itself is in a good state you are on the right way of buying a house in Minsk.

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