July 3, Belarus Independence Day

belarus independence day in minskAre you going to spend July 3rd in Minsk? Excellent!

Day of Independence is the major holiday of Belorussian Statehood celebrated annually on July 3 to commemorate the liberation of Minsk in 1944. Don’t miss the chance to see the morning parade and the evening salute, and take a nice stroll around Minsk in between.


First, go to the stele “Minsk the Hero City”. The military parade and dramatized procession will take place on Masherova Avenue and Pobeditseley Avenue at 12:00-13:40. Remember, if you wish to see all the action in the flesh you should come to the venue in good time. During the day (13:00-17:30) you must go to the National Library where a concert «Prosper, my beloved Belarus!», or to Pobeda Park  where you’ll enjoy the festivities «Proud of you, Belarus» will take place. In the evening citizens and guests of Minsk will have a perfect opportunity to enjoy a concert “The World Congratulates Belarus!” on Masherova Avenue from 21:00 to 2:00. And at 23:00 there is going to be a holiday salute, displaying the brightest show of fireworks you can imagine.


Here is the program of July 3 Festivities in all areas of Minsk:

10:00–16:00. Sports festivities «Sports Belarus!» – a complex of sports structures (Gamarnika Street).
11:00. Festive program «Happy children – happy Belarus!» – children’s railway, K.S. Zaslonov Station (Nezavisimosti Avenue, 86).
11:00–18:00. Concert entertaining programme «Every Belarusian Celebrates!» – green zone in Gamarnika Street.
11:00–19:00. Holiday «Prosper, my beloved Belarus!» – Grekova Park (neighbourhood «Serebryanka»).
12:00–18:00. Holiday «I love you, my Belarus!» – skiing/roller-skating line (Stoletova Street, 1).
12:00–18:00. Holiday «Glorify your name, Belarus!» – 60 Years of October Park (Matusevicha Street, 20).
12:00–18:00. Festive programme «We are all our children – Belarus!» – Gorky Central children’s Park (Frunze Street, 2).
13:00. Holiday «Round dance» – 50 Years of the Great October Amusement Park (Dolgobrodskaya Street, 44).
13:00–16:00. Holiday «Young Belarus» – green zone in the public garden of Newspaper “Pravda”.
13:00–17:00. Holiday «To our dear Homeland we dedicate» – public garden on Newspaper “Pravda” Avenue, upper ground.
13:00–17:00. Sports festivities «Prosper, Belarus!» – site near shopping centre in neighborhood Sokol.
13:00–19:00. District holiday – Chelyuskintsev Park.
13:00–20:00. Artistic holiday «Belarus – the well of my life» – square near Minsk Railroadmen Culture and Sports Palace (Chkalov Street, 7).
14:00–17:00. Holiday «Proud of you, blue-eyed Belarus» – Newspaper “Pravda” Avenue, lower ground.
14:30–16:00. Concert program «In the city garden…» – site near fountain on V.Mulyavin Boulevard (behind the building of the Belorussian State Philharmonic).

On July 2 at 22:00-22:30 on Victory square there will be the wreath-laying ceremony to the Victory Monument with the participation of the Head of State, representatives of public associations and international organizations.


Remember the rules you should follow:

- Come in advance.
- Be sober.
- Don’t take bottled drinks, large bags, weapons, and ammunition with you. 
- Be polite and have fun.

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