There is no autumn in Minsk clubs!

autumnIn spite of the fact that weather in Belarus is getting cold and rainy you can always see bright and positive people all around. There are several effective ways to fight bad mood in autumn. First of all bad weather is not an excuse for staying at home! You should visit as many events as possible and get connected with people. Luckily Minsk clubs are especially crowded in September because many people come back to the country after summer vacations. Secondly you should pay more attention to the physical condition (healthy food, good sleep, exercises). Keep in mind that Minsk parks are extremely beautiful in autumn and great for walking, jogging, cycling...

At the end we’d like to share with you several photos from Minsk clubs. We hope it will bring a portion of positive energy! :)

autumn parties in minsk clubs

september parties in minsk

beautiful girl in minsk

blackhall party in autumn

dozari party in autumn

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