Top 5 stylish places in Minsk

5 stylish places in minskThere are a lot of places in Minsk where you can spend a nice evening. But sometimes it's a kind of challenge to find a club, a bar or a cafe where besides good service, delicious meals and reasonable prices, there is attractive interior. Sometimes suitable atmosphere can make your evening perfect. Here we suggest the list of places which best of all create a special atmosphere.


1. Dozari Night club

Dozari is considered to be the most luxurious night club in Minsk by now. Even though some people think it is too pathos, this place is really fashionable and stylish. The interior was designed due to the latest club tendencies. At weekends this club is full of interesting and beautiful people. Because of comparably strict dress-code rules, the contingent is rather specific. We have to point out that prices in this place both for drinks and meals are high. Nevertheless, the amazing light show, friendly waiters and pretty good kitchen creates the most terrific atmosphere and has recently made this club incredibly popular.

2. Doodah King bar

Doodah King bar is considered to be a perfect place for Rock'n'Roll lovers. Great music and outstanding interior will definitely make a good impression on you. This place has very special atmosphere - once you enter the Doodah King, you enter a typical American bar with live music and tribute parties. There you can see lot of people who, after a hard day or week, came to get rid of their stress by dancing, drinking and just having a nice time. Doodah King is sometimes called one of the craziest places in Minsk, especially at times when it is really crowded. The disadvantage of this place is that contingent varies a lot in comparison with the previously mentioned TNT Rock Club. Doodah King is located very conveniently, so, at times it becomes really overcrowded. In spite of this, you immediately get absorbed by the perfect atmosphere, created by wonderful interior, funny people and great music.

3. The Loft night club

This place is well-known in Minsk for having well-designed interiors, stylish light and perfect service. The world’s standards of loft culture can be well observed in the Loft club: this place is free from limits and opened for creativity. The Loft night club has a chill-out zone, spacious dance floor, private area, good bar and an art stage. The specifically impressive interior of the place is also created by the extraordinary pictures hanging on the walls. At this place everything goes in harmony: price, atmosphere and service. Those people, who come to the Loft night club for the first time, become captured by the style and charisma of this place.

4. The Roof bar / Golden Coffee

This place is very famous for being the first bar and club built on the roof in Minsk. The opening of it was a real sensation. Roof bar, beside of having an extraordinary location, has an unusual, fashionable interior. Stylish lights, pleasant music, wide choice in the menu – everything creates a wonderful atmosphere and makes a good impression. Though the service is rather slow and waiters are not always attentive enough, the Roof bar has become really popular and attracts more and more people.

5. TNT Rock Club

The newly opened TNT Rock Club has already gained huge popularity with people due to fantastic music, unique charismatic decor and cool rock vibe. TNT Rock Club is not only a bar, it's a museum of rock culture with the unique private collection of musical stuff & rock-symbols of different times. If you like fancy places with loud music and if you are a fan of rock, there is no better place in Minsk for you then.. The service at TNT is at the high level, barmen and waiters are always smiling, no matter how busy they are. The concerts with live rock music are held there quite often. Although prices are considerably high there, without any doubts, the charisma of this place will not leave you indifferent.

The 5 places that we mentioned here have gained their popularity because of being really stylish, having good service and having a comfortable location in the city. Enjoy your time at the best places in Minsk!

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