24 hour bars and restaurants in Minsk

24 hour bars and restaurants in minskIn big cities there is always a question where to spend a night. There are very few bars or restaurants working after 11 pm in Minsk. So if you are not a "night club person" or if you wish to drink some coffee after the night club there are not many options. Unfortunately, in Minsk there are not many places which are opened 24 hours. Here we suggest a few nice ones with rather convenient location.


Red Star (Crowne Plaza hotel lobby)

This is a luxurious, but at the same time pretty informal place with a comparably democratic lobby-bar and outstanding Italian and Turkish kitchen. Star café is situated in the Crowne Plaza hotel near the club Next in the very centre of the city. This cafe is in TOP-5 places serving the best coffee in Minsk. The menu is really variable with a huge choice of spirits, meals of oriental kitchen and deserts. Here you can sometimes observe the art expositions. In summer there is an opened terrace which is full of people at any time of the day. The atmosphere of the place is really relaxing.
Address: Kirova str 13


This place has gained its popularity due to the very tasty and nourishing homemade food. Here you can try four kinds of famous olivier salad, together with variable meat course and deserts. Every weekend at this place you can order and fully enjoy a special offer meal. The choice of wine and alcohol cocktails is really wide together with reasonable prices. The cosy interior creates a rather democratic atmosphere, which reminds you of your own apartment: flowers, pictures on the walls, comfortable sofas. In summer you can enjoy your time at the terrace listening to live music. Free Wi-Fi completes a good impression of the place.
Address: Internatsionalnaya str 27


The main noticeable thing of the place is its design. The tramp card of café Brutto is that its low-tech design is opposed to the modern high-tech. The style of the place is rather brutal, nevertheless it makes the café look really attractive. The interior is full of contrasts: light bulbs instead of chandeliers together with pompous candlesticks, gilding walls together with red bricks. The contradictory design, after all, makes you feel comfortable. Moreover, here you can always find a lot of fun. The tramp card of this place: delicious steaks, wide choice of cocktails and reasonable prices. Only at night Brutto’s menu suggests Italian meals and sushi. Free Wi-Fi, good service, perfect atmosphere, what else do you need for happiness? The only disappointing thing is that café Brutto works 24 hours a day only from Friday till Saturday.
Address: Brovki str 3/2


The concept of the name of the place can be noticed everywhere, especially in the interior: the dishes are black’n’white, the sofas are also made in contrast colours. We have to admit, that you won’t find at least one uncomfortable chair in café Day-Night. The kitchen is mostly European, though here you can also eat sushi and order a tasty pizza. The café also provides visitors with take-away food. The choice of main courses, drinks and deserts is really variable; a person of any taste can satisfy his desires. In summer you can have a cup of coffee at a spacious terrace. One of the peculiarities of the place is that here there is a VIP-room.
Address: Yakuba Kolasa str 7a


This is a place where you can truly feel yourself a driver. Café Garage is opened 24 hours a day for those who loves extreme, cars and good kitchen. The interior of the place will not leave indifferent not only drivers, but also their ladies. The place is always full of people looking for fun and excitement. In the menu Belarusian, European and Japanese food is presented. You can also order pizza with very particular auto-names like Lamborghini Diablo and etc. There is also a take-away service and free Wi-Fi in café Garage.
Address: Kalvariyskaya str 17


Please keep in mind that all major casino in Minsk work 24/7. Some places like Doodah Kind bar and Coyote Bar are not opened 24 hours, but you could come there till 5 or 6 am each day!

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