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It is a working day and a deep evening. It seems like there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. Where to drink a cocktail or two and relax in a festive but cozy atmosphere? The answer is simple - cocktail bar Сherdak is just what you need.

Сherdak is a sweet and quite extraordinary place at the same time. It is mostly due to the design of this house that some people find it unusual. It is a loft bar, with lots of wooden furniture in it. It is said that the designers of  Сherdak were inspired by their childhood memories. So if you want to be immersed in the atmosphere of fun and kindness you are welcome.

What can be said about the menu? The menu is varied with some uncommon dishes in it. The cocktails are a source of special pride for the place owners. There are some very unusual cocktails in it with quite intriguing names. Some of such drinks are carefully chosen by barmen to match certain dishes on the menu. You will not see mojito or pina colada here. "Thai prostitute" is one of the most popular cocktails! The wine-list was thoroughly developed. It is worthy to mention that Сherdak is one of a very few Minsk bars where you can’t buy beer.

Some people suppose that prices are too high for no reason (8-15 USD for a cocktail).

So it is high time you visited the place! Cherdak bar brings its own atmosphere, an original menu and special drinks. That’s why there are always many visitors here, even early in the morning. So it is advisable to book a table before you go in there. How do you find it? Well the bar is situated in old part of the city on Zybitskaya street 9.

  • Address: Zybitskaya str 9
  • Working hours: Mon – Thu: 17:00 - 02:00, Fri: 17:00 - 05:00, Sat: 14:00 - 05:00, Sun: 14:00 - 02:00
  • Phone: +375 29 189-09-09

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cherdak bar

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