Blackhall Bar


Blackhall Bar is a brand new luxury bar near the Victory Square. It definitely brings new trends to Belarusian capital and meets international standards. Creation of design and concept of the bar belongs to professional architects, designers, sculptors and craftsmen.

Most interior details are hand-made. Advanced technologies in the field of entertainment along with luxury elements are used to create a unique interior. Ibar (interactive design of a bar-counter), iPad on each table, interactive light system, LED screens are placed side by side with sculptures and waterfalls.  Special attention is given to Heineken "Bottle Wall" - a wall that consists of over 1000 bottles which form a huge screen. Unusual wall can perform various installations, special effects, and even videos!

The venue offers its guests a wide choice of dishes of European and Asian cuisine, cocktail menu and alcohol drinks. Organizers promise there will be set a great amount of company parties, live concerts, and performances by international stars. The official opening of the bar on 8 of June 2013 was jammed with people, Russian singer Sergey Lazarev was invited. The Blackhall Bar seems to have everything to become a popular destination for the near future, but let’s see what you guys say!)

The luxury interior and services comes along with higher prices and strict face control. Make sure to book a table in advance to get into the bar on the weekends! Average table price on the weekends: 50-100 USD per person, average entry fee is 15-40 USD for the weekend parties. Prices for drinks are reasonable: a glass of whiskey 10-20 USD, an average cocktail 10-20 USD.

  • Address: Kiseleva str 12
  • Working hours: 21:00 - 8:00 every day
  • Table reservation: +375 29 6405050

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